Tuesday, July 30, 2013

i dont wane know

i dont wane know,
i just never wane say,
i have been on this road before,
it sounds so difficult,
its so unexpected,
i just lost today all my hopes,
i never wanted to change,
i never wanted to love,
but your eyes made me,
do so much,
now that you have left me,
what you have left me,
some broken dreams and shattered hopes,

i'll never stop no no i'll never stop,
loving you,
saw so many dreams,
made a small house,
and walked with you on that street,
you left with me with a broken heart,
i dont know what happend to my shinning star,
i'll never stop no no i'll never stop,

now that i know,
you dont love me any more,
i dont know what to do,
because with you were all my hopes,
yes life is unexpected,
but i never expected this,
the one i love the most,
will leave me like this,
yes i cried today,
with little bit of tears,
but now i am ok,
because i have to live my years,
i never thought a live without you,
but now i have to think,
what will i do without you,

no no i'll never stop , i'll never stop,
i'll never stop thinking of you,
you were my dream,
you were my life,
you were my love,
you were my hope,
no no i'll never stop, i'll never stop,
thinking of you,
i dont know any thing else to do,
i am just sitting here missing you .....

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