Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Apology

The Apology

A fallen tear and shaken heart
Connections now are torn apart
Feelings gone and turned away
Caring less for every day
No stopping ends or wanting change
And in the end all take some blame
As I did not see clearly when
I’d argue, meddle, betray a friend
And wanting too much from some lives
I should’ve let go many times
But motives never were contrite
I always thought that I was right
Just never thought I’d hurt someone
I only saw the hurt I’d won

I’m staying now within my lane
And from these deeds will I refrain
To build amends with change in style
Through honesty, no more denial
And I ask nothing in return
My gift is grace that I have learned
And that you all should wash your pain
If any from me should remain

For in my heart there is a truth
To comfort, love and then to soothe
To try to leave a better place
At least to not leave hurt, disgrace

But I am human, imperfect scarred
Just like all of the other hearts
And through my fear, anguish too
I shudder at the things I do:
When I let thoughts betray my truth
Forgetting love and forgiveness

Admission made, amended style
Awareness wakens past denial
Forgive myself releasing pain
Concentrate on what I’ve gained
And know that next time I am wronged
I’ll have compassion for the one
As I have seen what I have done
When fear made me forget the love

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