Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nature is awakening

Nature is awakening,
the earth has been blessed
with spring's gift of immortality,
the winter's gray curtain shorn.
And I've been reborn as well,
because you're here
awakening the warmth and harmony
inside me.
Birds on every flowering spray,
raise their heads to sing with joy
at the dawning day,
and my heart sings too,
because I'm in love with you.

The scent of gardenias
fills the air,
the world is coming alive,
and I have not a single care,
because I have faith in you,
and our love.

Apple blossoms create
a canopy overhead,
while roses sprout buds
to paint the garden red,
and the pain in my soul
from yesterday fled,
because you're here with me,
awakening the springtime
of my heart..


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