Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Soul Is On Fire!

The Soul Is On Fire!

I’m a nervy person
Stuck in this dreadful phase
The say am fastidious
It’s not my fault
I’m always feckless!

Far gone in myself
I’m pensive and so tired
And am scared!

This scarcity in me
Is filling with sins
I want to stash away
From my own fears!

This pain I’ve is irreplaceable!
Old wounds, which never heal
And remain of those hurtful memories.

My screams
Those frightful thoughts
That horror in me
And those never stopping tears

Why I feel ashamed and guilty?
When will I be able to move on?
Why can’t I forget them?
How long is my suffering?
Haven’t I had enough?
Why am I always blamed?

Like always am confused
I‘ve grown up but still ambivalent!
I’ve lived seventeen years of my life
And still not able to find answers!

My quietness is making me more anonymous
Now people think am egoist and selfish
Why can’t anyone understand me?
My feelings are always neglected
Don’t think am numb!

When they ignore me my heart shrinks
It feels someone took it in the hand
And squeezed it and then stubbed
They give me heart attacks each time I’m strong

I am floating on the ocean of bad luck and sorrows
Sometimes I think to drown in the sad water
And end this unfair punishment
This useless life

Their vulnerable words make me weaker
I’m just longing for their smile
And their happiness because I care

I’ll sacrifice like I’ve done
And won’t say a single word
It’s my destiny to be devastated

My soul, which has been on fire
Will be burning like always

I know I smile,
But my soul is on fire
The soul is on fire!!

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