Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The other day I was crying

The other day I was crying,
and you reassured me I'd be ok.

And that things never stay the same,
so things will defiantly change some day.

The other day I was hurting,
because I tripped and broozed my arm.

But you kissed the pain far away,
and said I will protect you from all harm.

The other day I was laughing,
because you love to make people feel good.

And you said that your purpose in life,
was to make people happy like they should.

The other day I was smiling,
because I was thinking about you.

Thinking of you and the beauty inside,
doing anything at all to help people get through.

The other day I was thanking you,
and I was surprised when you asked why.

When taking your hands in my heart,
and then with a single tear of joy you sigh.

The other day I finally realized,
how amazingly beautiful you really are.

shining your light on the whole world,
and within my heart you will never be far.

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