Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In times of need,you have been my guide

In times of need,you have been my guide
the desertion in life,we've taken with stride
we've been through the same,though so far apart
even in darkness,you shine light in my heart

I'm not the best with words, i don't know what to say
I wish we could meet,for this I would pray
I'm not the religious type,but what I say is true
to see joy on your face,there's no limit to what I'd do

More beautiful than moonlit beams from above,
More beautiful than the springtime song from a dove
More precious than cherished moments of bliss
More precious than the first heartfelt lovers kiss

To you I wish the best of days
May you find happiness in many ways
We"re separated only by an ocean
in which the waves flow in one motion
Closer to you like the warmth of my heart
It's a shame how fate shall keep us apart.

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