Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never change like memories!

Never change like memories!

Why do things have to change?
Why can't a memory come back?
Why is life full of what ifs?
What is it that we lack?

I look at our pictures,
and the things you used to make me.
They haven't changed at all.
They still make my tears fall.

Why are we just a memory?
When the memory is so good?
Why can't we go back to the picture,
and stand where we once stood?

Together forever we used to say.
Destined lovers from the very first day.
How stupid we were to so easily let go.
Now our future together we will never know!

I still hold our memories,
and read the letters you wrote.
I kiss them with my heart,
and in my mind i write you a note.

Here is what is says:
"I still love you with all my heart,
I try to forget you but I can't.
I believe one day we'll be together again,
and our love will kiss away all our pain."

A part of me has moved on,
but another still belongs to you.
Because I can never forget what we had.
...A perfect fairytale which came true...

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