Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I was afraid to tell you

I was afraid to tell you
But I am in love
I am in love with you silly
We are friends

You said we were friends
Nothing more to you?
It was before
Kim must be great

Remember last year?
When we were in love
I screwed that up though
It was my fault

We dont talk these days
Why not?
I see you in school
It's just not enough

I wish you were mine
I never told you though
We are just friends to you
To me you are more

You were my friend
I like you now
Am I in love though?
Yes I must be

You probably never knew
I had never guessed
But it's my own fault
We need to talk

I need to tell you
Before I explode!
I love you friend
I love you a lot.

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