Friday, August 2, 2013

Be This Way

Be This Way

Did it have to be this way?
I saw you the other day,
I noticed things I didn't before,
It seems I have walked through a different door.

I watched your lips move as I fell in to,
In to a daze, in to confuse,
Did you have any clue?
It must be a path I had to choose.

These feelings I must share,
Each day I feel deeper,
That you are the keeper,
You are the one I must care.

Your wings sore upon me,
You shed light upon thee,
Joy that I feel,
So before you I kneel,
I ask "Will you hold my hand and never let go?"
The answer I will never really know.

If you tell me I will forget,
But if you show me I will know,
To this I owe you a debt,
Hope fully you won't say no.

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