Friday, July 26, 2013

An aged face in the dead of night

An aged face in the dead of night
Flashing blinkers coax a fight

Bleeps are myriad and so the lamps
Age and gurney falter over ramps

Raanu and Laago by old lady’s side
Comforting the jerks of a bumpy ride

Tending and tucking trailing lines
A score of tubes and cluttered twines

Dr Ramee and Nasaree by patient’s bed
Wondering of the wind, the code is red

Labored the breaths, flicker the lights
Through lead glass pane vexing sights

Nurses and doctors spin like tops
As the CT tech in earnest hops

Composed the nurses, counting drops
Cleaner by the door side with her mops

Clueless and detached the maids eyes
A year of turmoil won’t build those ties

In muddle of languages no us or them
Professional and cool my staff is a gem

The huff and puff of strained thread
Amid whirr of my CT’s motorized bed

Weary eyes on the vital displays
For pulses now lap at distant bays

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