Friday, July 26, 2013

In heated frenzy of swirling times

In heated frenzy of swirling times
Peeling bells oft deafen chimes

In knotted string of life’s turns
Choking sighs the monster churns

As caravans inch the woven paths
Down the way few emerald swaths

Water and care for greener buds
Yanked in frenzied harsher thuds

Ageless dominions care two hoots
for trustful tender springy shoots

safe in the shadow of shady trees
Seek that nature’s harsh decrees

Wither and wilt of a promising morn
Whet the ethers, their vengeful scorn

Tattered strings frayed and worn
barely hold as weights are borne

Ahead! The horizons darken yet
to a travelers brow adding fret

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