Friday, July 26, 2013

What she said was not what she meant.

What she said was not what she meant..

She asked me to stand near her house,
As if a cat's trapping a mouse!

Not thinking what she said was not what she meant,
Never gave it a thought and there I went,
Not knowing that her brothers were hell bent,
Never expected that I'd end up in a tent!

I could hear my friends' advice sounding,
When her brothers started my pounding!
Blind love made me cross all bounds,
I was the rabbit and her brothers were hounds!

The blows I got hit with such might,
I forgot what is left and what's right!
Nearly lost one of my eye's sight,
And was short by 2 inches in height!

After darkness then came the light,
The fact that when it comes to fight,
With one-on-one you may stand some chance,
But with four-on-one you must take the flight!

As they say 'once bitten.. twice shy',
Never dared to say any girl 'Hi'!
To that girl I gave a handwritten register,
That from then on she was my sister!

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