Friday, July 26, 2013

The World Of Your Smile

The World Of Your Smile

What would it take to make you smile?
Is it something as simple as the gift of flowers,
Or maybe the enthusiastic greeting of a loved pet,
An ambrace from someone you love?

I`d celebrate with you in your triumphs,
Comfort you in sorrow,
Be a companion in trying times.
If it were in my power
I`d give you the world for your smile.

What does it takes to make you smile?
Something so subtle as the happiness of others,
The soft soughing wind on a hot summer`s day,
Or could I smile at you to prompt one in return?

I`d tell you a thousand times how I care for you,
Listen to you speak if only to hear your voice,
Support you in any endeavor.
I`d give you my shoulder to lean upon when you grow weary,
Hold you until we both drift asleep
I`d give you my world for your smile.

To see the gladness of your heart reflected in your smile
Brings such warmth and happiness to me
To have the chance to share it with you
My world is yours only for the asking.

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