Friday, July 26, 2013

Last breaths he exhales and sighs

Last breaths he exhales and sighs.
He lies so still and does not move.
Mother earth’s wished him byes,
gyrating youth now dancing groove.

Darkness swallows, runs amok,
crescent of death swallows land and sea.
From far far Oceania to Innsbruck,
cares not dawn for these years to be.

Across faded land and jaded life,
shiny facades and abject fleas,
through peeling bells and human strife,
humming birds and ceaseless bees.

Like caution too is today cloth to wind.
Auld Lang Syne and this pack’o six.
Like clothes too bonds of human kind.
Revel nubile youth in a heady mix.

For millennia sages forced to drink,
deathly potions to tread in immortal time.
Our lives too fast gone in a wink,
drowned years now, not worth a dime.

Fiery hands paint the dying skies,
reflect and grimace at the sham of shine.
And as tick by tick the night dies,
Wonder, what is yours and what is mine?

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