Friday, July 26, 2013

She's My Destination

She's My Destination

Her mind is crystal,her heart is gold
When I look into her eyes, I become stone cold!
To the world I'm tough, but infront of her I just fold,
I just cannot move, she's got me in such a hold!

Her thoughts so clear,her acts so pure
Every move she makes beckons,all her looks allure!
Even about certainties,I've become unsure
For my heart's disease,I believe she's the only cure!

What do I do next, I just don't know
Can't figure out which way should I go!
She's given me such a high, can't think of getting low
She's holding the bow, pierced my heart with an arrow!

Difficult for me is now, living in seperation
I pray she sees my love's real and not an abberation!
Every single second, my heart makes the affirmation
Her love is my road and she's my destination!

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