Friday, July 26, 2013

Clouds float as billowing clumps

Clouds float as billowing clumps,
seeding life deep in earth.
Wandering across the lazy humps,
goat and gazelle shading birth.

Lavender jasmine burst in blooms,
as roses peer at you and me.
striking throw out vivid plumes,
nature’s marvels for us to see.

Soft the music of falling rain,
dancing drops on cobbled walks
life proclaimed for sown grain,
fluffy birds on bursting stalks

distant honk that steamers make,
waft across those waters green.
as dancing salmon in their wake,
showoff style and their sheen.

lean and dry days lost behind,
to buzz of mills and copious goods.
nature’s gift is smiling kind,
stirring bears in sleepy woods.

nectar ooze from many a flowers,
in happy dusks and breezy morns.
you and me in yon blissful stars,
by shade of tree and rustling corns.

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