Friday, July 26, 2013

The beast in me


The beast in me shrieks for peace,
The pain its going through never seems to ease!
I plead to the Lord to ease this pain,
Before the world says... never again!

The Beast In me is full of dark fire,
A fire which always burns and never ceases to retire!
Its a volcano about to explode,
Every passing moment only increases its load!

It's the beast's wish, to be hit by a lightning bolt,
Before it unleashes a fiery revolt!
It wishes the bolt lights up its darkened heart,
As it has never seen the light from its very start!

It's heart's a dark ocean, full of raging storms
With high tides of pain beyond physical norms!
I wish those storms never go on and merge,
As this would unleash the beast to emerge!

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