Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh! Come my friend!

Oh! Come my friend!
hop this ledge of borrowed time!
Let's do the stars, not blink at life
Nor lose forays to silent winks, that
still, in a hazy space wretchedly lost, to
unfold the promise of natures mirth; which
stems and bubbles in vistas grim
yield ourselves to outlandish whims
then peep and peer like children lost
with ginger hands to tattoo frosts
beam through crevices at the first full rays
at glistening columns of piled up hays
Wrest from an hourglass elusive dreams
to seek from time, the where and when
from whence the light shall silently call
lift from our face the numbing pal
let's go and see!
Lets tap in glee!
let's turn the tide of seas, the moon...
shield our naked being from noon..
solve the mystery of a rainbow’s dance
so in a wholesome happiness prance
float on the skies and sands alike
wide eyed soar in dazed amaze
as body and soul the heavens graze.
Sleep like an angel in natures lap
leisurely wake and blissfully clap
from divine dales of pleasing slumber
ripe flowers and fruits pluck in numbers
float on waves of a melodious spring
past dark and silent dreary nights
past shoal and grove of unseemly sights
touch those bewildering foggy dreams...
float on the mist of a breaking dawn
naughtily pluck the veil of a night
let's go and see the moonlit sky, to
shake the limbs of frozen trees
soar with the birds and hum with the bees.
let's go and steal the rising sun
absorb the bracing rays as one
Oh, come my friend
before it dips, low again
before the day, is lost in vain.

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