Friday, July 26, 2013

Magic in thine words swirls around

Magic in thine words swirls around,
aplenty abounds.
Over frozen wastes,
glen and sculpted fate,
wandering gypsy flute sounds.
Waft winds melodious songs.
Far of desires,
enmesh conspire.
Ah! those thongs.
Heard over daily wandering trysts,
amaze in coiling mists,
wrap ensconce.
Bundled beset in dazzling morns,
like gold cascades from corns.
With me covert and surge,
in blinding urge.
Reality conceals.
Wishes congeals.
I silent for reassurance, grope.
Tumble, befuddled hope.
Reverie thus elopes.
Sun and the moon dance,
an eerie romance,
like northern lights.
In shafts of elusive delight.
The distances howl.
In shadows prowl
Lie by my companion’s jowl.

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