Saturday, August 3, 2013

A childish attempt at capturing the lost innocence

A childish attempt at capturing the lost innocence

A wish to be Cinderella was all I had
Sadly my prince went and lost the shoe
I tried being Sleeping Beauty instead
But how to wake me up, the prince had no clue

Well, I had always liked Ariel the best
Why not sing my feelings, my love for the prince?
I sang for so long and he never heard me once
But I haven’t stopped singing ever since

Fair and pretty Snow White knew true love
Her prince saved her from a horrible death
Her enemy was defeated successfully
But I can’t see my enemy; I fight memories instead

Belle accepted the Beast happily
She loved with her heart’s eyes
I overlooked your faults and loved too
Yet you can’t see me, you don’t hear my cries

I picked Jasmine over the others
She chose Aladdin, followed her heart
I tried to do the same in my life, I loved you
But being mortal, my life fell apart

I soon realized that I wasn’t a princess
I was never meant to be
I didn’t have a magic genie
There was no prince for me

I wasn’t the fairest of them all
I didn’t have a magical voice
I could only rely on my love for you
And that you were my own choice

My heart screamed, wake up this is reality
Wishes you read never come true
But I never saw it
I was so blinded by my love for you

I know the fairy tales know dreams
They know wishes and wants too
But sadly they only depict reality
If you’re a character in a book

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