Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Demise

"My Demise"

Maybe if your memory struck me once again,
Piercing my heart and soul in deep
The oceans of tears would abate
The ones hugging my lashes,
The ones that refuse to leave...
One more tear could be the limit,
Yet as that notion is marred by my subconscious
My heart knows no boundaries exist.
Maybe your warm eyes
Could melt my heart, its ice,
Maybe it could extinguish the fire
Consume the insurmountable desire inside.
Pain stalks this soul of mine
Wreaking havoc, immortalizing the chaotic times.
Oh...It’s such a burden this strange mess
That eruptions leave me buried under
Mayhem left by a defeat, a game-
A treacherous game of emotional chess.
My eyes slide shut, heart slowly beating,
Your memory tortures, eludes sleeping.
A million thoughts per beat, a second,
Suddenly I can’t be still, its hard to keep breathing!
Suppressed and crushed, only true love can survive
Your scent buried within reassures me,
I’m still alive.
My mind slowly empties
Apathy becomes my lullaby,
The plumes of smoke witness and mock
While I burn alive and my defenses die.
Yet...distantly, so distantly, I hear your call
Ohhh, the sweet melody beguiled!
You knew I’d follow you through hell and back
You knew I’d take this fall.
I cherish every wound
My heart wears in your memory
Love me again, have mercy!
I swear I have account for every tear-
That befell my sinful eyes, screaming misery.
Alas you knew my weakness
Your love, memory, scent, voice
I can’t fight you love
With open arms I welcome my sweet demise...
I can’t defeat the one, the love that beats in me
I’ve given in, lost to the fervor, the dream
It begins so that once again... you’ve claimed me.

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