Saturday, August 3, 2013

The shadows move freely Dancing in the rain

The shadows move freely
Dancing in the rain
She longs to join them
Price of freedom is to hide her pain

She wants to feel the water
Cascading down her face
Washing away all that hurt
So that it leaves behind no trace

She can never genuinely laugh
It's never been that easy
Smiling is a constant struggle
She's too mature to be carefree

She's grown up
In a very short span of time
She was forced to learn it all
Enduring it alone, her only crime

She wants to trust and love
But has been let down too much
She cares more than she should
Always starving for a healing touch

Conscience is her personal hell
Respite a fleeting dream
She never gives up though
Her pillows muffle her screams

Tears are a daily ritual
Going on night after night
She's ashamed of herself
She's afraid of losing the fight

But her enemy is smarter
It knows her weakness is her selfless heart
So who is this cruel being?
…On life's stage, she herself plays the part

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