Saturday, August 3, 2013

The heart of a man

The heart of a man
Is so easy to win
But to keep it
Is a whole different thing

It isn’t so hard
He lies and you believe
Knowing it’s an illusion
Hope keeps you alive

No, he can, he will change
Love can make it better.
Just a little longer,
Till then hold on, please pretend

Pretend that he loves
Even if you feel distant
Bear the coldness, the pain
Indifference, less than pleasant

You’re just time pass
For time being, his favorite toy
Suddenly you’ve become clingy
He hates how you always cry

You’ve gotten too attached
He needs space, bloody time
He can’t do it all
It wasn’t what he "planned"

So don’t push him
He might just break
He’s the only one with emotions
Caring is suddenly a sin

Why do you even care?
It’s his life, his decisions
He can come and go as he wants
Only fooling around was “fun”

Now it’s too much
The chase was exciting
It’s a burden now
Good bye is what he sings

Watch as your life
Falls apart second by second
Watch as he tears you down
The emotions he bargained

How dare you forget!?
“I love you” equals over
And his next conquest,
Right around the corner.

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