Saturday, August 3, 2013

A good long part of the journey we call life

A good long part of the journey we call life
Is spent with one we seem to need and like
But how come with the passage of so much time
That same relationship is not even worth a dime?

Does the love disappear or was it always an illusion
Why does the tie that binds them together, weaken
How is it possible to just think of it as a compromise
Why do all problems present no solution or even arrise?

There is nothing to be gained from following such a pattern
Because love is always there but after time just needs attention
Is that too much to give after all those year of triumph and joy
Where those two people shared everything but now can only destroy?

Why aren't they willing to work on the small problems
Or console each other and bring life back on the same rhythm
All it would take is a little effort on each of their parts
But alas they are too damn stubborn to realize their faults

Both of them seem to be right in their own respective positions
But what they don't realize is that their own suffer and weaken
Their fights affect the ones around them, their blood, their children
Still they don't seem to notice the kid's pain so their worth cheapens

Poor helpless souls, torn between the two they love
They end up blaming themselves for things they haven't done
So I ask, whoes fault is it and who should be held responsible
For the suffering of those children, ruined lives that were once blissful?

And its understandable because the parents are also human
Totally entitled to changing their life so they can choose what happens
Maybe they can't compromise or sacrifice their happiness anymore
But is that happiness worth gaining if it leaves your family totally torn?

Don't the lives that they created together matter at all?
How can they just look at those innocent faces and not notice the invisible wall?
The one that they have created between their kids and a normal future
Something that affects not only their lives but those of their children

I can't seem to understand how those two fail to see the wreck they've caused
When its so blatanly simple that everyone pitys their children all that they lost
But those two still wrapped up in their own needs and blaming each other
Are forever blind to the pain they're causing, building a new life that won't have any worth

The only sad part is that they may never realize that or maybe too late
But regrets at that point won't be worth anything because time doesn't wait
They may finally realize their faults and look back for forgiveness
But the kids have moved on too starting the same circle over again…

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