Saturday, August 3, 2013

Totally farfetched simple lies

Totally farfetched simple lies
Begin to creep in all the ties

Cold hard truths, just too bitter
Limited knowledge earns the favor

They shamelessly fall from your lips
And every time I watch you slip

Is the fight worth the self inflicted pain?
Your sanctioned suicide is an effort in vain

The reality is hidden behind emotional haze
The arrogance, I'd like to believe, just a phase

I'm lieing to myself though
I know change for you is impossible
Because there is quite a lot of difference
Between fantasy and the actual

I believe too much in the good
When it's the liar that wins
The truth gets muddled and lost
Behind your committed sins

I am still battling the demons
Trying to gain victory
I'd like to believe that it's worth it
Even as you ignore my plea

Truth shall win and rein
Above the unbelievers and all
I've become so confused in my search though
I don't know whether to take this fall

Will I gain as all the others before me
Or lose myself somewhere along the way?
I wish I was sure of you
But you're unpredictable, always leading me astray

You use everything against me
Your eyes, your voice, your presence
I can't believe its you that breaks me
With your deceitful appearance

I follow blinding every time
Falling hard and fast
It's too hard to catch myself
I always know before hand, my act won't last

You tempt me everytime
I get swayed knowing I'll be hurt
I can't help but believe you though
The promise of comfort too hard to avert

So who am I fighting?
My self or you?
Who will eventually win
The lie or the truth?

I've lost my grip on reality
No point in my vain outcries
You might win in the end
You and your sugarcoated lies.

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