Saturday, August 3, 2013

It’s the same face I see

It’s the same face I see
Of someone you used to be
Now so lost in the haze of time
Still awake in the memories of mind

Calling out to your heart and soul
I cannot reach out or hold
Losing what once belonged to me
Tears take over my love for thee

Your voice akin to music, to sirens
Tortures me, torments and weakens
As memory seeps in and love evolves
Barriers and shields melt and dissolve

Constantly suffering, caring so deeply
Wishing to fake indifference isn’t easy
Etching your name on this broken heart
I never left, I am right here at the start

Emotions lay dormant in my being
Realization that yes, you’re missing
Questioning the immoral love of mine
Criticizing the innocent victim of a crime

Forever writing your name with mine
You and I could be love defined
This vicious cycle, I want to break
Love me so the pain can escape

This feeble heart is seeking comfort
Anything so the attention can divert
Can't forget you existed and smiled
Call back innocence, coax out my inner child

Thousands of times, again and over
Regurgitating crippled vows, being sober
Appealing and begging to the man in you
My angel, you were someone I once knew.

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