Saturday, August 3, 2013

I looked to the left

I looked to the left,
I looked to the right,
Made the mistake of forgetting,
I will never find respite

Future was promising
The past only filled with pain
There was no reason to reflect
On regrets too inane

So then why did my life
Turn upside down
When I only followed advice
That our successors passed around?

After years of suffering
I decided to leave it behind
Thinking I made the right choice
When I decided to pay it no mind

Still the lingering shadows
Of those haunting memories
Didn't leave me in peace
Hell, in the future, the pain just increased

So how can people say
Wounds will fill, time heals all
When I am the living proof
That I never recovered from the fall

How can people say
Just let it go and you will heal
When I know better and know
That time only exposes and reveals

After time you might learn the art of diguise
Still the past is there, always alive
And it just becomes harder and harder
To keep smiling and pretend like you care.

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