Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't pretend to ignore my absence

Don't pretend to ignore my absence
Drop the act, banish the silence
…i dare you

Feel my heart clutched in your palm
Let go off inhibitions, overlook petty qualms
…i dare you

Dispel the coldness, dismiss the indifference
Recognize the passion just this once
…i dare you

Push against the cage of emotions
Don't settle for appearances, dig deeper
…i dare you

My actions tend to speak louder than words
I plead at you to learn, to love, to hope and trust
…i dare you

I can't let go baby, you're holding on
Release me, I want to disappear…simply gone
…i dare you

And yet you have me unintentionally hypnotized
Subconsciously tied to all your pain, cynicism and lies

Make it easier on me I plead, beg…behest
Love me to your limits, I won't resist being possessed

I gave up fighting so long ago
Now, my feelings upon you I freely bestow

But if my requests seem too much for you
Just ignore me since my feelings, you've already deplored

Please remember even if your indifference kills me
My soul will always love you, just try and argue
…I Dare You

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