Saturday, August 3, 2013

In Life

In Life

The past, the present and the future
Brings forth the three mediums of life
Interwined together in perfect hamony
One follows the other through the passage of time

Beautiful innocent memories of childood
Baking cookies and late night sleepovers
Petty little fights over favourite toys
Innocent discoveries of the backyard bringing delight

Mother's gentle voice and kisses over scareped knees
Father's lessons of life absorbed with a second's speed
The simplest of things, like a twinkling star
Made us smile and reach out towards God

As time went on, the lessons got harder
Looking for purposes or our place in the world
Trying to look for answers or just asking the right questions
Many nights spent crying, but in the end realizing life's worth

Helping friends through life's lessons and tough times
Breaking down, falling and reaching out towards light.
All hard learned lessons, making us stronger beyond measure
Ultimately adding to our being as a whole, a complete person

Now, looking out beyond the horizon
Our place in the world
Searching for our goal, our destiny
Realizing its worth

Everything seems to accumulate
At a certain point in life
In that peaceful moment
Where silence engulfs the night

We contemplate our actions and
Choose our paths, make our decisions
Putting ourselves through the test
Using knowledge and experience of our parents

We emerge as a new and whole person
With new creations and ideas for a better world
Starting life with the knowledge from the past
With all the best hope for the future and making it last

That's ultimately what life is all about
An endless dance that goes on and on
We are all a link in the chain
And without each and everyone of us
It would not be the same…

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