Saturday, August 3, 2013

Verdict of Oblivion

Verdict of Oblivion

Lost on my way through your heart
Searching for lost feelings, my soul,
Summoning back the sanity you took
All the moments and laughs you stole

The past flashes before mind’s eye
As time slowly slips through my hand
Reenacting the forgotten love n’ affection
I free myself from love’s hold of quicksand

Nostalgic reminiscing plays over and over
Memories turn to tears n’ continually fall
Your love as my own Achilles heel
Forces the forsaken wishes to recall

The conceded scent of seven roses
The one that alludes to love of seven lives
Refuses to perish and leave my senses
The true poison so skillfully disguised

Knocking on locked doors over again
Luring out the secret silence, broken smiles
Seeping through cracks as sedative smoke
I somehow cover distances marked by miles

The misery forever fuelled by love
It causes each beat to disintegrate
As each breath leaves in agony
It’s the verdict of oblivion I await.

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