Saturday, August 3, 2013

your broken hope will keep me alive

How do I make you see that for me?
This was supposed to be…

Being with you was what I had hoped for
Indifference was the only thing I had in store

Why can’t you see that I’m hurting?
Yeah, slowing killing me

I know I mean little to you
Just a presence, just another girl

But what kills me is to know and see
You remain within reach but never with me

I may be a fool to believe all the lies
The fairy tales tell me to dream… stay alive

Just seeing you laugh gives me strength
In that one moment I live my entire life...until the end

I wish on the stars to make you mine
I know that might never happen even with time...

But what keeps me going is seeing you happy
Even if you brushed me off that day, rather coldly

There’s so much more to you than meets the eye
I can help you and show you love, just let me try

I can see you’re detached and maybe once hurt
I wish I could destroy that pain, just be your comfort

You won’t let me close to a heart that just needs care
It’s guarded from anything good, hidden behind despair

My pleas fall on deaf ears as I try and make sense
You’re so far gone with only arrogance as your defense

I’m still standing here, I refuse to leave
Because maybe, just maybe you might need me

It could be now, tomorrow or maybe even never…
I won’t give you a chance to find yourself alone, now or ever

My broken fantasy may never come alive
But once you realize my worth don’t shrive

Once you find the one you think is meant for you
Be with her and show her love meant for two

Love the one you’re with and I may live through her
Don’t ever let tears in her eyes, cherish her through ever after

I’ll still be around, looking over you both
I just wanted for you to trust love, believe in the sacred oath

And know that if by chance I disappear or ever fall apart
It’s because I’m lost on my way through your heart.

I may find my way and I may survive
Just maybe, your broken hope will keep me alive…

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