Saturday, August 3, 2013

I won’t forget that fateful summer

I won’t forget that fateful summer
And I won’t forget the beautiful day
I won’t forget the precious moment
When you finally looked my way.

I was shocked, a little surprised
In plain words, I was hypnotized
Love, I thought I surely knew
And then I lost my heart to you.

My seconds turned to hours
I lost complete sense and my mind
I foolishly confessed my undying love
And yet to reality, I was so blind.

You played with all my devotions
Took over my heart, my emotions
You lied to me a thousand time
So many, I lost count of the crime.

I loved to hear your voice, your laugh
I confess this from deep down my heart
It hurts to know you lied with such craft
When all I did was believe you from the start

Don’t know why I was so surprised
To hear of the plan you long ago devised
I should have known better than to trust
Falling so hard, so fast wasn’t just.

You left me so broken and in tears
You left me all alone with my fears
I lost myself, my dreams, & hope in love
So I let the tears fall as I gazed up above...

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