Saturday, August 3, 2013

Emotion tears and pains

This all consuming vortex
Emotion, tears and pains
Are all rolled into one

The hole is getting bigger
Time became so relative

No where to go
No where to escape
I’ve already lost
It’s already too late

Need to run away
Hide from this all consuming pain
I’ve never wished for an end this much
Indifference is what I want to fake

Too many nights now
Too many tears
I’ve lost count
All I am left with is fear

I look in the mirror
Unable to recognize
I’ve lost myself
No one seems to hear my cries

I try to fake happiness
Paste on the perfect smile
Desperately hoping to
Hide the scars and feel worthwhile

At 12 at night
I stare at the ceiling
Unable to fall asleep
Asking myself to be incapable of feeling

These vain attempts
Futile tries
Normalcy a far of dream
Day by day some thing in me dies

This black hole increases
It’s crushing me
Taking my breath away

I can’t seem to escape
I’m being pulled in
Won’t anyone hear?
Allah please don't let this begin...

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